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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Titan's Curse

Author: Rick Riordan
Reading Level: 4th - 6th

Publisher: Hyperion
Edition: Hardcover Galley, 2007

Reading the 3rd installment in the Percy Jackson series is now like drinking a can of regular soda - there is the sugar rush and the addiction! It's fun, it's full of fast paced actions, it's familiar, and it does leave you wanting more - especially with Percy having a new enemy and Luke might not be all that he seems! Although it will not be considered exactly the healthiest choice by "reading dieticians" (this term here refers to the literary purists who think reading only exists to improve one's literary taste and heighten one's intelligence or humanity).

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At 10:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive read all the books so far and cant wait to read the 3rd


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